Friday, 28 November 2008

Waste pocket and net spiders!

Hi all,
so are you ready for the next installment?
I was going to do this a day or so away but I read a thread in the Crafts Forum about getting on the top page for google...I can sense an obsession thing starting!
You can put your website address into the web of things when you write a post......Then one thing led to another....I learnt another thing..then another and before you know it two days have........ dissapeared!!!
So back to sanity world creating!
The Waste pocket
4 pieces (of same fabric type)-
8cm x 15cm
Sew together along the 15cm side with a 15mm seam.
Again press until it's flat.

This should get you a piece that measures
24cm long.

O.k. Leave this to one side.

Next up are the Two little pockets for essentials, snips, needles, ripper.....

Two little pockets

2 pieces(of same type fabric)
9cm x 9cm.

Just cut these two ready.

Next bit is a bit fiddly.....but is so essential. When I sew I don't tack but I don't like to sew over pins either. I end up with a pile scattered everywhere!!!
Pin cushion
3 pieces of felt
9cm x 6cm.
Pin them together overlapping them along
the 6cm side by about 2.5 to 3cm
to get a piece that measures 14.5cm long.

Sew them together with a 6mm seam allowance.
This measurement is taken from the fabric edge.
Picture shows the right side, the side you've sewn

This bit is fiddlyish!
I pleated and pinned so the 9cm side measured down to 5cm. It might be easier to tack it before
you sew (I don't lazy).
Sew across to keep pleats steady.

The last bit for this time. Fiddly, fiddly! I pressed upwards a 1cm section around the longer edges.
This is to make sewing onto the base fabric easier!

So that's it for now.
The next time I show the pattern pocket and stabilizing everything.
Once you finished those two steps everything else comes together really fast. Cool eh!
Also, I will need to tell you the list of the other materials and sizes needed.
Now pizza and red wine...well it's Friday...teah...yeah!!
Please don't forget if you do pass by please leave a Hi! I won't bite!!!


nita x said...

hi jacqui, whats the next step and what does it look like when finished :o)

keep blogging , your instructions are very clear and good .

nita x said...

cancel part of the last message LOL, ive found the end result and wow that looks really good :o)

Bovey Belle said...

I've only been blogging for just under a year, and I was chatting to myself for quite a while! Now I've got lots of blogging friends, so it will happen, I promise! Your sewing tidy looks a great idea.

allybea said...

Hi! Good luck on your new venture. Love the idea of a sewing table tidy. When I finally get my sewing corner set up properly I'll definitely need one :)