Sunday, 23 November 2008

A Sewing Table Tidy

Hi! Welcome to the first instalment of how to make a sewing table tidy.
I do a lot of sewing! Now I've decided to try and make a business of it I thought I would organise my space making me more productive! That was the hope!
Meaning not wasting time picking pins off the floor because they get swished, they are next to the machine where I'm working!!
Here below is what I came up with!
So if you would like to have a go making it here are the instructions.

To begin with the top fabric.
Top fabric body:cotton
9 pieces of 16cm (selvedge edge) x 18cm
Plan out your colourway preference.

This is mine!
Then sew each together, along the 18cm measurement, taking a 15mm/5/8th inch seam allowance.

It needs to be this wide as they are load bearing seams, weight of your sewing equipment will pull.

Next you need to finger press the seam open ready for pressing.

Press using a cloth, steam and iron! Press until they are as flat as they will go. I press on the wrong and right side for the seam to be flat.

Repeat the steps above until all 9 pieces are sewn together to form a strip that is 18cm wide and 120cm long.

The picture below shows you all the pieces you will need to complete the sew tidy.

Next post will be about making the Waste thread and fabric pocket (bottom pocket on the finished tidy photo at the top).

I was just grateful I could do some sewing after inputting with technology fiend (yes the right spelling!).
See you on the next instalment!

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