Saturday, 15 November 2008

Arh yes Marketing!

I find that now I am working for myself I just do not stop! Don't get me wrong THE best decision. I'll have to go out the house you know this will not do!!
So busy me has been doing this:
1. Sewing my sewing table organisor.
How wonderful is that old sewing machine there!! It's nearly the same as the one I learnt to sew on when I was 5 ish. My dad taught me....his talent was fixing machines...he loved machines...!
Oh yes it is in my sewing room and it does work!
2. Setting up my Etsy shop.'>


3. Doing admin stuff. Boring.


4. Chatting with friends on the Sewing Forum organising our fortnightly meet and jollies days!! I sew a pocket on the wrong way, concentrate stop chatting!

--------------hey ho hey ho-----------------

5. Registered with the search engines.

Frustrating...aarrhh..grrr! The BAH is no good either so I have to bodge on by myself. Ask for help I hear you say.... help is either in Ireland a lovely web designe, nearly part of the family!! And the big bro is at work!
How funny is that line thing up on no. 2!!!
Have you see that stupid adsense thingeoer on my eshop. And i tried for two days to sort it out...Oh well sigh for a 'technophobe'!


What I did enjoy doing the most the sewing organisor ofcourse!! I am really very disorganised. The drawers in the sewing table are full of un-related to sewing objects!

Anyway,I took pictures of the stages to make it. So if anybody would like to have a go at making it the instructions will be here!

Moving on....and coming up in the next instalment are the photo's of the Sewing table organisor.

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