Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Saturday, 10 October 2009

October all ready!!

Hello it's been a while....I have been busy but not so much in the sewing area!!

I think it's five weeks since starting my long term Supply work in an Emotional, Behavioural Difficulties school...oh and what a whirlwind of five weeks it's been!!!!  Obviously I can't talk about it in details but you can get the flavour when I tell you I slept most of last weekend away!!!

So this weekend I was going to vacuum my house and get on with some sewing projects that are quickly becoming UFO's!!!!
BUT a certain somebody bolted off his lesh in persuit of some poor small mammal and I now have a very swollen wedding ring finger.....

Yes he looks innocent enough hey....I am just hoping the finger is just bruised....I'll have to see tomorrow.

Onto nicer thoughts!!!!
I bought my Extreme Tunisian Crochet hook a few months ago now and at last I've organised some yarns!!!
I have a few yarns but I keep finding 'better' (!) uses for them...anyway I think I parted with 10 yarns to start and I have 8 on there now....
It does'nt look much as yet and has'nt grown much more than this but it's wonderfully thick.  I was thinking it would be lovely to put my little tooties on in the morning!!
Another ongoing project in the making!!!!  I once had an embroidery on the go for 5 years...hhmmhhmm!!

Is'nt this a beautiful Brocade!  I have no project for it.  I think it's going to have to be sold along with the other 3 or 4 other pattern Brocade pieces....I think I bought it to make men's waistcoats but there was no interest...I love a man in a waistcoat????  Suits and Hats and ties hey girls...I think I was born too late!!!!

And this is my latest project....Gloves....Did anyone else read the Threads magazine article on making Gloves...I LOVE gloves even if I don't manage to keep them that long!!

To start with I wanted to out how the parts all fit together and practice the hand sewing...I rummaged around my remnants boxes to find some stretchy fabrics...
I came across this Green Velvet...
This is a picture of the Gloves with the pattern on top of the green velvet....a little bit of concentration was needed when cutting the finger tips, so the shapes are nicely rounded....

This is the thumb part sewn...easy enough but because of the velvet pile you cannot easily distinguish the light purple sewing thread...

It was very engrossing trying to get the stab stitches even and identical to each other!!!

This part was very tricksy(!)
Sewing the thumb piece into place was not made any easier using velvet velvet is definately out for the Gloves proper....I ended up putting fray check on to hold the seams together!!!!  Which ofcourse has made them quite stiff!!!
I was thinking I should just stop and try another fabric but woa no I have to persevere!! 
I am really enjoying them...
I'll let you know how I get on with them and whether the left glove gets made or I decide to move onto another fabric....

Before I go a call to any Liverpool lads or lasses who would like to join a sewing club in Liverpool City centre.  We did alright on the first meeting 8 people turned up, the second meet we had another 2 new we might be gathering a good sized group together!!
The next meet is the 12th October, News From Nowhere Bookshop, Bold St, Liverpool City Centre...all welcome....

I hope this blog finds you well!!
Don't forget to say hi if you stop by!

Blogger: Fibre Dreams - Manage Posts

Blogger: Fibre Dreams - Manage Posts can anyone see me!????

Monday, 31 August 2009

The Summer of my Content!!

Thank goodness I've got round to finishing projects....slowly but surely (will it win the race?)

And tidying my living space!! Garage, loft, living and sleeping rooms...nearly sparkling like a new pin! BUT all this clearing and cleaning is showing up the things that need repairs!!
Oh well back to work (paid!?) this or next week...just shows you how out of touch I am...I'll have to ring the Supply agency up!!!

On to better stuff...these are the things that make me happy!!! And I'm happy with the results...what do you think?

First up are my Stitch Keepers....

I love my Stitch Keepers I just think they are so useful and beautiful....and they look better in use!!
But I had a problem....they looked handmade instead of know what I mean?!

So I set about designing the packaging for logo and a little info on a luggage tag....something evocative about a luggage i love it...and how to put these elements together......the magic Transparent PVC Film, self adhesive from The Inkjet Paper Girl on Ebay!!
All you card crafters probably have already used or know about it. It's a sticky back plastic sheet that can be printed on and then stuck onto to anything......

This is one of the latest Stitch Keeper designs. They have rubbery spectacle holders on the ends. The rubbery textured ends grip onto the needles so no slipping off which keeps stitches on in transit or storage. The jewel drops are all individual.
It's taken some intensive EBay trawling to find the little cellophane bags to put them in!! There still not the perfect size I wanted but they do leave room for larger pieces of needle jewellery!!
Stitch Keepers on their tags, packaged and ready to go!!
This is the back (obviously!) just a little about the design.LOADS OF OTHER STUFF THAT'S BEEN DONE TOO!!
What else have I been ha..I've designed and made my own skeins up for my Flutterby Scarf
There's a larger luggage tag for the skeins I've designed. Along with the usual ball band information you get on yarn like needle size, tension and washing instructions, I put the pattern for the Flutterby Scarf on the other side of the tag!!

It's a scarf which flows downward into loose waves. This one has striking Amethyst hues and I have Deep Summer Greens made up too. The skeins are made of assorted lush, and luxury yarns ensuring an elegantly textural design.

This lovely is nearly finished!! I could wear as is while I'm deciding whether to add pearl or mother of pearl beads to the Silk yarn make it even more special!! The main body is Silk/Mohair Boucle yarn...yup it's light as a feather, soft to touch and warm and cool to wear perfect.

The longest UFO ever!!! Nearly 3 years would you believe it! The problem was the collar I found sewing the two sections on the seam so hard to match up!!! AND it didn't help the instructions being in Spanish!!
This dress is nearly finished barring a hem, belt loops and a I'm not sure I like the fabric pattern...although the fabric type is perfect...swishy when you move thus showing off the kick box pleats on the skirt!



So it/they(!) will not let me copy and paste the flyer proper!!!

It's got a photo of ladies sewing in mop caps and old sewing machines!!!

Well anyway's this is the content....if there's anyone out there that would like to be part of this do pop along on the 14th....there's no rules or signing up to do!!!!
"Join the Liverpool BurdaStyle Sewing Club!
Want to meet other people who are into sewing? Then join our sewing club for people of all abilities, including show & tell, problem solving, inspiration and general sewing fun and of course a good old fashioned natter over a cuppa!
1st meeting - 14th September 6 to 9pm
Then meeting every 2nd Monday of the Month 6 to 9pm
The News from Nowhere Social Center
News from Nowhere Bookshop
96 Bold Street
L1 4HY
(access is from the door next to the News from Nowhere bookshop)
For More Information, E-mail:
Beth at or Jacqui at
And visit"
So lots of happenings and not enough time to blog!!! All I have to do now is sell something!!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Fibre Dreams and the Five happy thoughts.....

I wish I'd painted this!!

I have lent my car out to another person!!!!
So this means I'm doing a lot of walking.
Yes good for the body and soul!
I'm afraid my making mojo is taking a holiday.....just when I need it!
So here I am walking feet are not agreeing with the exercise by the way!
Trying not to speak out loud the conversation I'm having with myself!
So....think of five things that make you happy with my present mood I wasn't hopeful...
1. My daughter....she is such a lovely person (on a good day!), loving, hard working and ambitious....

2. My making ability....this is all important to me!
3. My life has certainly been I can smile without regrets when I'm old!!!!
4. I gained an Honors Degree....and the first in my family and the first woman!!!
5. I'm glad I did'nt do too badly raising my daughter...yes number 1 and 5 could be the same but for the fact that I raised her by myself...
6. My cats....both long dead but barely any time goes by without thinking about them!
So I realised on my three hour walk around the near by countryside that yes I do make ridiculous mistakes BUT I have got at least 6 things I can shout about with pride in my heart!

And today....well today my feet have won out as I have blisters all over my feet and I'm restricted to the house walking around like a goblin witch!!!!

But I've done the vacuuming and after this I'm sorting out my sewing room...a bit late for a spring clean but hey ho!!

And then onward to completing the Hot in the City bag range...I'll post some pictures when they're finished.

I'll start with making an abstract shape button for the closure decoration of my huge flat purse know like those clutch bags in the black and white Hollywood movies....I'm clear about this bit!!!!

Well I'm signing off to make sure I do the bag things!!!

And you know it really does work...thinking about those things that make you happy.....Are you thinking about yours too????
I hope I've made you think about happy stuff....Does this sound like Hailey Mills!!!!!!

See you soon.....happy thoughts.....Jacqui

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hot in the City! Part 2!

How beautiful is this little girl!
I was looking for something and found this picture (as you do!). She's dressed in one of my first attempts of I remember there was a hat and she little red wellies (yes I know paddington bear!!)
I was very proud of my achievement!
When waiting at a bus stop one day an older lady remarked,
"Is'nt it lovely the things you can buy them these days"!!!!!!!
Arrh enough of memory lane!

Here's some more making stages of Hot in the City!

This was where I was up to last post. I still did not like it, it felt incohesive?!? Well scruffy! And I wanted it to glisten.
I played about a bit.
I know I wanted more gold mesh. I like the effects of the mesh on the gold organza rather than the burnt orange.
I also wanted to solidify the pattern which meant to me that bold strips across, going with the base fabric could bring it all together.

Then I pressed it like mad until it was pan flat!

Y0u know I was thinking that the fabric did look like a cityscape of roads and houses. I thought of the images when you see the car head lights in darkness moving at high speed.....a red glitsy thick embroidery yarn, couched with the orange thread was added....

The whole fabric got another pressing and it's time to cut out the bags peices...this is where I'm up to now!

What do you think?

Well this is where it's been up to for the past week as I'm waiting to purchase some magnetic bag clasps. I'm working on a oversized under the arm clutch bag with the larger section....I'll post pics of that next time...I think I really like it!!!!

So this is my life in my sewing world to date!

Don't forget if you stop by please say hello....'til next time take it easy and enjoy your moments,


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Feelin good....feelin Hot in the City!

I've fab news!
I....(drum roll)....sold my first clutch bag and change purse!!
They are SOLD...SOLD...SOLD...somebody else loves my fabric creations enough to buy one from me... giggle giggle...oh really!!
This is my Croation Sea fabric made into a clutch bag and coin purse!

These close up photo's are of the closure treatment...wire crochet and a button, bead. The dream of finding a real pearl in those beautiful waters around Croatia did seem real!!

The coin purse sits inside.The person who bought it is going to a posh doo on Saturday and she will be using never even made it for public view!!

Hot in the City, Hot in the City....tonight....(wish I knew how to get the sound track on!!!).

After that success I decided to make another fabric....perhaps this is my niche??

So I thought I would challenge myself (oh dear!) I was to use colours that I'm not so attached too and I would try to make half a metre of it in one full piece HA!

So I measured my muslim, got out the fusable double sided fabric adhesive....

Oh no the adhesive is not as wide as the fabric but I want 60cm width....oh cut it in down the middle and the other two down each side...only leaving a 2cm gap of adhesive....

The gap....THAT was my MISTAKE!

This photo is suppose to show the gaps in adhesive....a picture and the memory will remind me NOT to do it again....(I think the camera lies again!)
But it does show it's nearer the true colours....trying to get texture, pattern, sheen, reflection, balance and that little something!

The bumps, bubbles and pieces are just acting like themselves and they're on the loose! the double sided fusable fabric adhesive bonds the layers together all the fabrics act as one, no matter their previous life was....hhmmm I think I get too involved with my fabric making!!

AAAaaaRRrrhhhh! Look...look.....what normally well behaved Bernina 807 was eating the fabric.......
That was the last straw....I was having bad feelings about this fabric....."give up, you don't like the colourways anyway...."(MGH it's only fabric I'm getting emtionally involved here)....strange!

I GOT FED UP AND CUT IT INTO THREE PIECES! No second thoughts or worrying.
It had to be done.
I just could'nt manage it under the sewing foot because of the size and the fact I'd been stingy with the double sided fabric adhesive.

So eventually (and under strict instructions from my friend Maddy Beth! to have another go!) I decided to fuse a layer of wadding to the underside.

The Croation Sea clutch had a layer too but I'd attached it after the fabric was finished and cut. I thought a little padding would finish it off....
Now that was better my fabric base layer was tamed!
So to the next layer.....
I've laid burnt orange, gold organza and gold mesh ontop of the base cloth. It's fixed with varigated orange embroidery thread in waves and swirls.

So I swirly free-hand machine embroider over the organza and then artistically (!) cut away to revel the base cloth.
So Hot in the City started life from this....... this....with organza overlay.....I'm now considering my next sparkly thick wool...have got some handmade organza ribbon, red or yellow ribbon, gold sequins.....ooooo the possibilities!!

Watch this space for the next layer of surface treatment of 'Hot in the City'!!

And finally here's the work blouse washed and ironed!! I put the top button on for safety sake!!!! But the front goes slightly off line...I don't think others would notice.....Makes me feel fresh wearing it!!
What a week, beautiful weather, no school people, creating fabrics and Stitch Keepers...aarrhh now they're another story!! Purrrrfec.
Don't forget to say hello and tell me your thoughts on this installment of
"Jacqui's fabric adventures"....

Friday, 15 May 2009

My NEW Fabric's!

Hey and Hi!
I'm so excited today...why....because the fabric I ordered back in February has arrived!! Yeah!!!
And I have been creating some more fabric myself!!
And I successfully sewn buttonholes onto my work blouse!!

The Japanese Designer fabric's I had ordered are as lovely as I'd remembered! You know what I mean you build it up in your mind then when it happens it's never as good. Well this time it's better!!

This first one is called echino by etsuko furuya

This fabric is beautiful!
What a wonderful print of zebras, fawns and trees! So distinctive!
It's look favours the Linen side, so you are getting the crisp summery appearance.
However, you get the soft feel to the skin and the easy iron qualities of the cotton content!

I've got a Shift dress in mind for summer for myself!!! And I think longer length skirts, casual summer trousers and bags will look perfect in this gorgeous fabric!

And this fabric is beautiful too!
This one is by KOKKA and is called Trefle.
What a fabulous print of trees and flowers on a purple stripe background! Really unique!
This striking fabric has a soft feel to the skin and the easy iron qualities of the cotton content!
Suggested projects by Darling Daughter: Shift dresses, blouses, tops.

I have been hard at work too, well at least on the latest batch of textile art fabric (now that's got to be a good marketing buz word!!).

I call it The Croation Sea!
It has organza, blue furnishing fabric, blue metalic mesh with gold patterns, black withblue wool suitingand blue/green lining stripes.
Here's a close up of part of the fabric. You can just see the mesh and the free hand embroidery in metalic blue/green.

I'm thinking of making a Clutch bag with a small coin purse....then a friend called Nina suggested I make a picture with some of know I might!!

And finally my Work blouse...well I have finished it...nearly! I wore it for work and in practice I think it needs another button further up from the last one at the boobs! Everytime I bent over I felt as if people were looking down!! I know funny, but thankfully for me and et al, I wear a vest!
So why arn't there any photo's well that's because it had an arguement with a tomatoe!!
I have a long drive to and from work at the moment, at least half an hour to three quarters....rush hour...pooh!
So I get board....and thirsty...and I remember the un-eaten tomtatoe I had brought to eat at lunch and did'nt get a chance...
I bit into it without thinking of the burst effect!
I thought I'd gotten away with it...NOOO...tomatoe seeds splattered down the front of the blouse!!
In to soak with it and a wash...I'll post photo's when it's dry and buttonholed complete!
And that is all for now except to say if you like the Japanese fabrics go to my online shop and you can buy some. Fibre Dreams.
See you all soon and I know you will learn from my mistakes....tomatoes and thirst in a car do not mix!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hi!! I'm back!

Well howdy there people!!

That was a very long time away....and why because a well known electronics company have no idea what customer service is all about.
Anyways lets not harp on!!!

Do you like my new Aviator? Specially design for me taken from my online shop background and colours!! I like's probably what I would do if I was asked!!! But I'm not that computer literate....

So what have I been doing besides ringing up un-mentionable electronics company!!!

Weeellll......I designed this Love Heart for Valentines Day and I put it up for sale in Folksy, Etsy and my own Fibre Dreams shop....

I thought right after Valentines I will make them in various colourways thinking they can be used to celebrate all kinds of Love.....

But and a-haaa....A nice girly commissioned me to make this one for her parents Golden Wedding Anniversary.....50 years married...can you believe it....

I think it turned out well.....I sent it Friday just gone so I'm waiting all anticipating nervously like for her feedback!!!!!

Errmm...!!Oh and this brooch came from......

This bag for my lovely sister, called the Boho Bag!!! It's made from an old suede jacket of mine cos I couldn't find any soft leather I could afford...I think she's pleased

And this is what I'm doing now a double collar work blouse....I'm pretty pleased with so far...

Then I was watching an old movie on TV about three girls looking for to marry millionaires (they end up marrying for love aaaarrrhhh) with Marlyn Munroe and two other beauties.....
Anyways... (!) their clothes were beautiful too....Among the outfits, a blouse that had huge puff I want to finish this quick, like(!??),... to make a blouse with huge puff sleeves....I wish I'd recorded it so I could re-drool over the costumes they wore.....
Right onwards and upwards, a list of things I want to make is needed now I'm back in outside world working(!?)
1.finish that blouse
2.and finish the border around my shawl I've designed and knitted
3.then onto the bloke at home xmas jumper (I still maintain there's a mistake in the pattern!!)
4.while I'm doing that get my odd balls of yarn together to use with my extreme tunisian crochet hook I bought at Aintree last week!!!!!
5.join in the KAL at Lion Brand
then....then...invent more hours in the non-working day.....
As always.....

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

TSF mother's day challenge.......I won!!!!!

How are you!!

Well I won the Sewing Forum challenge with my clutch bag!
I couldn't believe it...I tell you I have never won a single thing...barring ten pound....I have never gotten an excellent on anything or manage an `A' score!
Ha ha ha I am ssooo pleased!! And with the other talented fabric lovers beautiful and brilliant offerings I don't know how I did!

Technology let down
I am really frustrated with my computer (grrrr). The new computer monitor blacks out within minutes of turning sorry no photo's of makes this time as I'm on my old laptop....xp and really snaily slow!

And finally!!!!
I'm back at work and getting dusty! I teach children how to make things (yes I know a mixed blessing job!) Actually I am enjoying it! Working from home can be a little isolating and lonely! So now my week days are filled with noisy and fast working little people (and not so little 6ft- ers!!)
So for now see ya

P.S please feel free to comment

P.P.S join in if you too don't manage to win things as I can sympathise and tell you there is hope!!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Fairy tales and whiskers

I just been a visiting I believe in Fairytales blog ssooo funny and dry!

On there is a thingy taking you to somewhere (!) for your own Fairy name....This is mine....I must tell you I wasnt very impressed with the Goblin bit (:(.

Your fairy is called Tangle Goblinshimmer
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows.
She is only seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.
She wears tangled dresses of multicoloured petals. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

Reading it though and looking at my neglected garden it does ring true a little! So strange too as my birthday is Spring time!!!

Right I'm off I have to `do' my roast potaoes...we always have dinner late on a Sunday....

Friday, 6 March 2009

My Mother's Day Sewing Forum Challenge!

Hey Happy March,
Did you remember to say white rabbits three times on March 1st morning!? I did! It suppose to be good luck!

I am a member of the Sewing Forum (TSF)(very Chris Evans!!).
Anyway I've signed myself up for the Mother's Day challenge! A little something to make for Mumsy!! She actually wants earings to match the necklace I made her for Xmas! I will make them!! Oops I better get a move on with them too!

I know what I wanted to do.

Firstly I wanted to use the fabric I'd made for the Easter Egg because I just loved the pattern and the colourways of the fabric.
Secondly I had down loaded a FREE clutch bag pattern from the Kwik Sew patterns website!
I reduced the pattern by 50% as that's all that was left of the fabric after I'd cut out the egg sections!

And there's the finished mini clutch bag! Perfect for evening..just big enough for phone, lipstick, make-up mirror and taxi fare!!

Cute eh!!! The picture below shows some details....the blue closure is a shaped button onto a wire crochet back. It's lined and piped around the edges with purple Taffeta.

Yet again the camera lies!!!! The gold mesh over the fabric catches the light and gives the fabric depth and luxury feel...

Now this strange shape is the body of a Stump Doll!!!! The bloke at home thought I was making a lamp base!!

I'm hoping when she has her face, arms and clothes she will be fabulous!

This a detail picture of the fabric I made. Again, like the Egg, it's strips of fabric with gold mesh on top. It is then free hand machine quilted.
Honestly I'm not happy unless I have at least two projects on the go at any one time!!!!
Right have to go I'm making Fish kedgeree ( Nigella recipe...mmmm)
P.S Hello autumnrose!
P.P.S anyone who stops by, don't forget to leave a hello, please!