Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Folksy shop! And better image(?)

Here's a better image of my Faberge inspired Easter egg. What do you think?

I want to see if I've done this properly!

Oh that seems small???? And it doesnt turn up on the preview :::::(aaarrr

Well I can't tell whether I'tll be there or not....probaly repeated!!!

The above blabber is about whether or not the Folksy image as copied or not!!!

I'm much better with a piece of fabric!!!!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Hi! Look what I made over the weekend!

I was trying to think of things to make and sell for
the Easter Holiday and my first thoughts were the
Faberge Eggs.
Here's some of the info I found during my research!

"Eggs, as symbols of creation and new life, have been exchanged for hundreds of years. Faberge Imperial Eggs were commissioned annually for the Russian Czars Alexander III and Nicholas II. Peter Carl Faberge is deservedly the most famous creator of these stunning gold, silver, and jewel-studded treasures. The first Faberge Egg was presented in 1885 as an Easter gift from Czar Alexander III to his wife Czarina Maria Fedorovna and was proclaimed the most beautiful gift ever given."

The other information is that they are extremely expensive (eggsellent!). I guess another gorgeous lovely I couldn't possibly afford.........The idea of making my own started to materialise!(material-ise, eggsellent...)

Firstly, I wanted to make my own fabric.....I lay strips of fabric onto muslin and`Bondaweb' and ironed them so they stay in place. The fabric's were purple velvet and taffeta, pink satin, grey taffeta and blue/green lining.
I then put gold mesh over the top of this and machine quilted the layers together. I was aiming for a landscape effect on the fabric.

Then after well over a day I designed the perfect egg shaped pattern! I couldn't believe how long it took and the changes I made, even though the changes were so slight!! In my sewing room there are five mock-up's which doesn't include the ones I chucked sooner!!

Hey u perfectionist!! This picture shows where I cut out the pattern, I liked the pattern width ways better.....

Tadaa, here's the final design....
Then of course Faberge eggs are on stands and I had an idea in my mind what I wanted my egg to look like.......

Sorry!!!!! I can't delete it either!!!!! This sideways photo shows my test stand made from garden wire! I did try covering this stand with gold pleated fabric and PVA glue but it was ugly!!
So I made another with gold wire.

I then threaded some seed beads onto gold metallic machine thread. Each beaded thread was then wrapped around several of the ending arms.......It looks lovely eh! So lovely I did put on a few more beaded threads...

I thought it might be so flimsy that it wouldn't hold the egg but it does!

I wanted the egg to have the carry the gold wire to enhance the encrusted feel that the Faberge eggs have as part of their design........I know theirs are real gold and diamonds and gems....you can't blame a girl for wanting more bling!

So this picture shows the gold wire extensions which are hand couched onto my egg. Each of the four seams have this on, each one different.

And here's the finished one...I am a little disappointed with the photographer! I'll have another go.....with the photography.....perhaps if we get a sunny day!

So this lovely Faberge inspired Egg started life within this fabric.......amazing!

So if you visit please leave a comment I'd like to see what you think...Leave a link to your Easter creations so I can see yours!!!!
P.S sorry about the Tidy I lost interest and it was taking too long!
P.P.S.Feel free to eggsell in the egg eggstravaganza!!