Friday, 5 March 2010

The Ides of March....white rabbit!

Did you remember to say white rabbit three times on the 1st of March...I did.
I used to have the pupils saying it to! 
Saying it three times is suppose (for those of us who love old suspicions) to ward of evil and bring good luck.
I always live in hope!

Well what you see below is my own design. 
It was something floating in my head....I love Leg of Mutton sleeves...I love the honey coloured stripes and I love the contrasting rib and crochet collar.

Will I wear it...mmmmm...perhaps the design is a little young..I loved knitting though.

So how did my Crazy Patchwork fabric get on, I hear you ask!

A few more stripes have been added here.  I am trying for a balance of colour and texture.
You can see the backing fabric of white muslin.  The trick to this technique, on muslin is to press carefully after each piece has been sewn.
So a few more pieces on and this is where it gets hairy!  I have got to the place where two blocks are meeting.  This is repeated four times as there are four blocks of patchwork.  I solved it by leaving some parts unsewn and pressing the loose edges of the last strip to top sew.
I now breathe a little.  All of the muslin is covered.
The next job is to sew each seam down.  Oh yes that's after you press, press and press...don't forget to leave to cool before it's moved!
I decided to put variegated green embrodiery thread for the top stiching. And so here's more fun using the embroidery patterns built into my machine.  Now machine is not an expensive dude by any means but there's more than fourty different stitches....oh design decisions.
My goodnes just think in the past they would do this with hand embroidery.  It must have taken an age.
And then the couching swirls are added.  I have green sparkly thread, multi coloured thread, diagonal white and grey yarn and black and sliver thread couched over with invisable thread. 
Great as you can't see it but bad as you can't see it!
And some more sparkle by the way of green seed beads.  Locked off every now and again. 
I realise if I am going to make some thing out of the fabric I will have to bast around the pattern so the beads do not fall off.

You can get the texture from this close up compared to the pictures that are of the whole piece.
I really enjoyed making that....even the pressing and the overlocking to make it square.  You have heard of the wonky table leg?
I don't want to make anything with it.
Any ideas??

Anyway I have already moved on I am now making a pieced quilt for my bed!  
First time I have done this so I'm looking forward to I said to the Sewing Forum quiters I always have to run before I can walk!  I'll post pictures next time.

So thanks for coming over and please leave a hello.  I would like to see what others are up to in the fabric next door neigbour is a Ravelry!