Monday, 13 July 2009

Fibre Dreams and the Five happy thoughts.....

I wish I'd painted this!!

I have lent my car out to another person!!!!
So this means I'm doing a lot of walking.
Yes good for the body and soul!
I'm afraid my making mojo is taking a holiday.....just when I need it!
So here I am walking feet are not agreeing with the exercise by the way!
Trying not to speak out loud the conversation I'm having with myself!
So....think of five things that make you happy with my present mood I wasn't hopeful...
1. My daughter....she is such a lovely person (on a good day!), loving, hard working and ambitious....

2. My making ability....this is all important to me!
3. My life has certainly been I can smile without regrets when I'm old!!!!
4. I gained an Honors Degree....and the first in my family and the first woman!!!
5. I'm glad I did'nt do too badly raising my daughter...yes number 1 and 5 could be the same but for the fact that I raised her by myself...
6. My cats....both long dead but barely any time goes by without thinking about them!
So I realised on my three hour walk around the near by countryside that yes I do make ridiculous mistakes BUT I have got at least 6 things I can shout about with pride in my heart!

And today....well today my feet have won out as I have blisters all over my feet and I'm restricted to the house walking around like a goblin witch!!!!

But I've done the vacuuming and after this I'm sorting out my sewing room...a bit late for a spring clean but hey ho!!

And then onward to completing the Hot in the City bag range...I'll post some pictures when they're finished.

I'll start with making an abstract shape button for the closure decoration of my huge flat purse know like those clutch bags in the black and white Hollywood movies....I'm clear about this bit!!!!

Well I'm signing off to make sure I do the bag things!!!

And you know it really does work...thinking about those things that make you happy.....Are you thinking about yours too????
I hope I've made you think about happy stuff....Does this sound like Hailey Mills!!!!!!

See you soon.....happy thoughts.....Jacqui