Friday, 28 November 2008

Waste pocket and net spiders!

Hi all,
so are you ready for the next installment?
I was going to do this a day or so away but I read a thread in the Crafts Forum about getting on the top page for google...I can sense an obsession thing starting!
You can put your website address into the web of things when you write a post......Then one thing led to another....I learnt another thing..then another and before you know it two days have........ dissapeared!!!
So back to sanity world creating!
The Waste pocket
4 pieces (of same fabric type)-
8cm x 15cm
Sew together along the 15cm side with a 15mm seam.
Again press until it's flat.

This should get you a piece that measures
24cm long.

O.k. Leave this to one side.

Next up are the Two little pockets for essentials, snips, needles, ripper.....

Two little pockets

2 pieces(of same type fabric)
9cm x 9cm.

Just cut these two ready.

Next bit is a bit fiddly.....but is so essential. When I sew I don't tack but I don't like to sew over pins either. I end up with a pile scattered everywhere!!!
Pin cushion
3 pieces of felt
9cm x 6cm.
Pin them together overlapping them along
the 6cm side by about 2.5 to 3cm
to get a piece that measures 14.5cm long.

Sew them together with a 6mm seam allowance.
This measurement is taken from the fabric edge.
Picture shows the right side, the side you've sewn

This bit is fiddlyish!
I pleated and pinned so the 9cm side measured down to 5cm. It might be easier to tack it before
you sew (I don't lazy).
Sew across to keep pleats steady.

The last bit for this time. Fiddly, fiddly! I pressed upwards a 1cm section around the longer edges.
This is to make sewing onto the base fabric easier!

So that's it for now.
The next time I show the pattern pocket and stabilizing everything.
Once you finished those two steps everything else comes together really fast. Cool eh!
Also, I will need to tell you the list of the other materials and sizes needed.
Now pizza and red wine...well it's Friday...teah...yeah!!
Please don't forget if you do pass by please leave a Hi! I won't bite!!!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

A Sewing Table Tidy

Hi! Welcome to the first instalment of how to make a sewing table tidy.
I do a lot of sewing! Now I've decided to try and make a business of it I thought I would organise my space making me more productive! That was the hope!
Meaning not wasting time picking pins off the floor because they get swished, they are next to the machine where I'm working!!
Here below is what I came up with!
So if you would like to have a go making it here are the instructions.

To begin with the top fabric.
Top fabric body:cotton
9 pieces of 16cm (selvedge edge) x 18cm
Plan out your colourway preference.

This is mine!
Then sew each together, along the 18cm measurement, taking a 15mm/5/8th inch seam allowance.

It needs to be this wide as they are load bearing seams, weight of your sewing equipment will pull.

Next you need to finger press the seam open ready for pressing.

Press using a cloth, steam and iron! Press until they are as flat as they will go. I press on the wrong and right side for the seam to be flat.

Repeat the steps above until all 9 pieces are sewn together to form a strip that is 18cm wide and 120cm long.

The picture below shows you all the pieces you will need to complete the sew tidy.

Next post will be about making the Waste thread and fabric pocket (bottom pocket on the finished tidy photo at the top).

I was just grateful I could do some sewing after inputting with technology fiend (yes the right spelling!).
See you on the next instalment!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Arh yes Marketing!

I find that now I am working for myself I just do not stop! Don't get me wrong THE best decision. I'll have to go out the house you know this will not do!!
So busy me has been doing this:
1. Sewing my sewing table organisor.
How wonderful is that old sewing machine there!! It's nearly the same as the one I learnt to sew on when I was 5 ish. My dad taught me....his talent was fixing machines...he loved machines...!
Oh yes it is in my sewing room and it does work!
2. Setting up my Etsy shop.'>


3. Doing admin stuff. Boring.


4. Chatting with friends on the Sewing Forum organising our fortnightly meet and jollies days!! I sew a pocket on the wrong way, concentrate stop chatting!

--------------hey ho hey ho-----------------

5. Registered with the search engines.

Frustrating...aarrhh..grrr! The BAH is no good either so I have to bodge on by myself. Ask for help I hear you say.... help is either in Ireland a lovely web designe, nearly part of the family!! And the big bro is at work!
How funny is that line thing up on no. 2!!!
Have you see that stupid adsense thingeoer on my eshop. And i tried for two days to sort it out...Oh well sigh for a 'technophobe'!


What I did enjoy doing the most the sewing organisor ofcourse!! I am really very disorganised. The drawers in the sewing table are full of un-related to sewing objects!

Anyway,I took pictures of the stages to make it. So if anybody would like to have a go at making it the instructions will be here!

Moving on....and coming up in the next instalment are the photo's of the Sewing table organisor.

I should have started this two years ago! That`s when the dream of Fibre Dreams began to take shape!

So after this long journey i am ready to start on the road trip of a lifetime.

I shall boldly go onto the Internet with my handmade products.
I have a transporter full of the extra materials and equipment i think other fibre craft people would like to have as well...

I`ve got the stuff now i need to learn how to set up a website...

I will even learn how to post photo`s of my products.
But a successful day on the knitted blooms brooches!!

So at this point in time if you have experience setting up fibre craft websites i would be grateful for any positive comments! If you have any interest in the fibre arts i would apprieciate discussion!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


i have just visited Dawn Gold's blog and was inspired. I can't wait till I find out how to make this interesting!!!