Monday, 31 August 2009

The Summer of my Content!!

Thank goodness I've got round to finishing projects....slowly but surely (will it win the race?)

And tidying my living space!! Garage, loft, living and sleeping rooms...nearly sparkling like a new pin! BUT all this clearing and cleaning is showing up the things that need repairs!!
Oh well back to work (paid!?) this or next week...just shows you how out of touch I am...I'll have to ring the Supply agency up!!!

On to better stuff...these are the things that make me happy!!! And I'm happy with the results...what do you think?

First up are my Stitch Keepers....

I love my Stitch Keepers I just think they are so useful and beautiful....and they look better in use!!
But I had a problem....they looked handmade instead of know what I mean?!

So I set about designing the packaging for logo and a little info on a luggage tag....something evocative about a luggage i love it...and how to put these elements together......the magic Transparent PVC Film, self adhesive from The Inkjet Paper Girl on Ebay!!
All you card crafters probably have already used or know about it. It's a sticky back plastic sheet that can be printed on and then stuck onto to anything......

This is one of the latest Stitch Keeper designs. They have rubbery spectacle holders on the ends. The rubbery textured ends grip onto the needles so no slipping off which keeps stitches on in transit or storage. The jewel drops are all individual.
It's taken some intensive EBay trawling to find the little cellophane bags to put them in!! There still not the perfect size I wanted but they do leave room for larger pieces of needle jewellery!!
Stitch Keepers on their tags, packaged and ready to go!!
This is the back (obviously!) just a little about the design.LOADS OF OTHER STUFF THAT'S BEEN DONE TOO!!
What else have I been ha..I've designed and made my own skeins up for my Flutterby Scarf
There's a larger luggage tag for the skeins I've designed. Along with the usual ball band information you get on yarn like needle size, tension and washing instructions, I put the pattern for the Flutterby Scarf on the other side of the tag!!

It's a scarf which flows downward into loose waves. This one has striking Amethyst hues and I have Deep Summer Greens made up too. The skeins are made of assorted lush, and luxury yarns ensuring an elegantly textural design.

This lovely is nearly finished!! I could wear as is while I'm deciding whether to add pearl or mother of pearl beads to the Silk yarn make it even more special!! The main body is Silk/Mohair Boucle yarn...yup it's light as a feather, soft to touch and warm and cool to wear perfect.

The longest UFO ever!!! Nearly 3 years would you believe it! The problem was the collar I found sewing the two sections on the seam so hard to match up!!! AND it didn't help the instructions being in Spanish!!
This dress is nearly finished barring a hem, belt loops and a I'm not sure I like the fabric pattern...although the fabric type is perfect...swishy when you move thus showing off the kick box pleats on the skirt!



So it/they(!) will not let me copy and paste the flyer proper!!!

It's got a photo of ladies sewing in mop caps and old sewing machines!!!

Well anyway's this is the content....if there's anyone out there that would like to be part of this do pop along on the 14th....there's no rules or signing up to do!!!!
"Join the Liverpool BurdaStyle Sewing Club!
Want to meet other people who are into sewing? Then join our sewing club for people of all abilities, including show & tell, problem solving, inspiration and general sewing fun and of course a good old fashioned natter over a cuppa!
1st meeting - 14th September 6 to 9pm
Then meeting every 2nd Monday of the Month 6 to 9pm
The News from Nowhere Social Center
News from Nowhere Bookshop
96 Bold Street
L1 4HY
(access is from the door next to the News from Nowhere bookshop)
For More Information, E-mail:
Beth at or Jacqui at
And visit"
So lots of happenings and not enough time to blog!!! All I have to do now is sell something!!