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Saturday, 10 October 2009

October all ready!!

Hello it's been a while....I have been busy but not so much in the sewing area!!

I think it's five weeks since starting my long term Supply work in an Emotional, Behavioural Difficulties school...oh and what a whirlwind of five weeks it's been!!!!  Obviously I can't talk about it in details but you can get the flavour when I tell you I slept most of last weekend away!!!

So this weekend I was going to vacuum my house and get on with some sewing projects that are quickly becoming UFO's!!!!
BUT a certain somebody bolted off his lesh in persuit of some poor small mammal and I now have a very swollen wedding ring finger.....

Yes he looks innocent enough hey....I am just hoping the finger is just bruised....I'll have to see tomorrow.

Onto nicer thoughts!!!!
I bought my Extreme Tunisian Crochet hook a few months ago now and at last I've organised some yarns!!!
I have a few yarns but I keep finding 'better' (!) uses for them...anyway I think I parted with 10 yarns to start and I have 8 on there now....
It does'nt look much as yet and has'nt grown much more than this but it's wonderfully thick.  I was thinking it would be lovely to put my little tooties on in the morning!!
Another ongoing project in the making!!!!  I once had an embroidery on the go for 5 years...hhmmhhmm!!

Is'nt this a beautiful Brocade!  I have no project for it.  I think it's going to have to be sold along with the other 3 or 4 other pattern Brocade pieces....I think I bought it to make men's waistcoats but there was no interest...I love a man in a waistcoat????  Suits and Hats and ties hey girls...I think I was born too late!!!!

And this is my latest project....Gloves....Did anyone else read the Threads magazine article on making Gloves...I LOVE gloves even if I don't manage to keep them that long!!

To start with I wanted to out how the parts all fit together and practice the hand sewing...I rummaged around my remnants boxes to find some stretchy fabrics...
I came across this Green Velvet...
This is a picture of the Gloves with the pattern on top of the green velvet....a little bit of concentration was needed when cutting the finger tips, so the shapes are nicely rounded....

This is the thumb part sewn...easy enough but because of the velvet pile you cannot easily distinguish the light purple sewing thread...

It was very engrossing trying to get the stab stitches even and identical to each other!!!

This part was very tricksy(!)
Sewing the thumb piece into place was not made any easier using velvet velvet is definately out for the Gloves proper....I ended up putting fray check on to hold the seams together!!!!  Which ofcourse has made them quite stiff!!!
I was thinking I should just stop and try another fabric but woa no I have to persevere!! 
I am really enjoying them...
I'll let you know how I get on with them and whether the left glove gets made or I decide to move onto another fabric....

Before I go a call to any Liverpool lads or lasses who would like to join a sewing club in Liverpool City centre.  We did alright on the first meeting 8 people turned up, the second meet we had another 2 new we might be gathering a good sized group together!!
The next meet is the 12th October, News From Nowhere Bookshop, Bold St, Liverpool City Centre...all welcome....

I hope this blog finds you well!!
Don't forget to say hi if you stop by!

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