Wednesday, 31 December 2008

SEW Hip dress!

Hi all!
This is the Hip sew dress....For a city, Liverpool does'nt offer much choice for impluse fabric passions!!

Don't get me wrong, I loved the pattern of the fabric, but the quality is not so cool! I had to fix stretchy interfacing onto all of the pieces. You guessed it I was not smiling.
I could'nt get hold of wool blend Tartan...That day ...Know what I mean!

(Sorry about the mess! I'm about to get ready to celebrate New Year! YES it does take me that long to get ready!!!!!)

However, the dress was quickly that's the type of make I like!!

With the interfacing on them there is not as much length in the bias pieces.

A ha a use for my Pilson (Chez) buttons!

And no your bum does'nt look fat in the dress! Looks weird by this photo tho'!!!?

That's all for now....time for face pack and wine!


Sunday, 28 December 2008

Special Girls!



Bovey belle


for your lovely comments and encouragement.



Complete the Sewing table tidy!

Well I don't believe it four people have left comments...yeah I am talking to real people instead of myself!!
It's been a while since I wrote, it does'nt help when I forget the password each time!
And what with Christmas well you know what I mean!
Actually I was pleased with my makes...Apart from sewing Xmas cards, I made:

A fake fur jacket for my sister.

I reworked a dress I'd made before my Europe travels.
I did'nt like the shape on me. I decided I would cut the length shorter and used the cut bits to make a belt and hem for the organza overskirt!

I hand beaded the back at the zip...I'm never happy with my zip attempts!

And I made that wool tartan dress in the Hipsew magazine. No photo's yet!!

So on with the Sewing table tidy....where was I up to...So far the pin cushion, the two small utensil pockets, the larger waste fibres pocket and the base fabric have been made.

On to the last large pocket. This is large enough to fit a patterns instructions or pattern pieces in. It also adds balance!

6 pieces of cotton fabric
11cm wide x 10cm high
1.5 cm seams for sewing

Making up.
Sew a rectangle two squares wide by sewing the 10cm sides together. Then sew the rows of two together along the longer sides to make up three rectangles high.
Press all seams as you go.
This makes up a piece approximately 18cm wide by 20cm high.

Stabilizing and strengthening.

Medium weight iron on non-woven interfacing.
Waste pocket piece.
Two small pockets.
Large back pocket.

Lay the above fabric pieces onto the interfacing and cut out.
Then, making sure glue side is facing fabric and a cloth to protect your iron, apply heat to fix.

(You could do the same to the long base fabric, I did'nt and there's been no problems with pocket stress so far!)

The Lining and the Interlining
These are the pieces of fabric that makes everything O.K!

All the pieces, except the felt pin cushion, need to have a lining piece and an interlining piece the same size.
Matching, contrasting or more patchwork pieces(up to you!)of fabric.
Size:same as main pieces.
Pin pieces onto lining fabric all lined up with the edge of the fabric. (Selvedge edge and grain).
Cut out.
Complete as for lining.
Please study photo above....three pieces of fabric for each section of the make! Oh except for the felt pin cushion!
Fabric Sandwiches!
The next step is to sew each patchwork fabric with interling and lining together. This makes alot of untidyness go away!

Place lining down first with right side facing up.
On top of this put patchwork fabric with right side facing the lining.
Lastly put the calico interlining on top of patchwork fabric.
Sew all together using a 6mm seam allowance.
Leave an unsewn space so the section can be turned the right way round.
As you can see in the photo I have trimmed all the allowances, calico being the smallest.
Turn right side out tuck in unsewn bit and press as flat as you can get it.

So the next set of steps will be putting it all together.
By the way please don't worry if you do not get exact sizes as I've written, it'll still work, I promise!!!
You know if you are making this please drop me a line...can you post photo's...or better yet msg me at: I will start a Gallery of photo's!!!!!!! That'd be brill!
Bye for now,
(don't forget to say hello if you drop bye!)