Sunday, 31 January 2010

A new crazypatchwork take on Life!

Dear friends of blog world!

I cannot believe how long it's taken to get back on here! I must say it has been a bit busy here with working with the children!
I have managed to get in loads of creative things though since last year.

Did I make a New Year’s resolution?
Well I suppose I did, it was to not set myself up not to be able to carry things through!!
And surprisingly I've done more!!
Read on for some of the Fibre things I've made.

My very latest fibre challenge....I'm back onto making some crazy patchwork fabric.
I will be looking forward to using my extra large sewing machine extension for free motion embroidering.  Take a look below for pictures of my solution!

So onto some of the things I've made so far....

Dresses for Daughter!

I had to undo the skirt part three times...I should have made sure I marked wrong and right sides!

The drapey part can go over the shoulder.....This is made from Jersey. 
I strengthened the bodice/skirt seam with stretchy knit interfacing...which made sure it did'nt stretch when the parts were sewn together.

The Tartan and Brodre anglais (sorry for the miss spelling!) I really enjoyed making...I seem to like the handle of these types of fabric more than the stretchy ones!!
It's not finished yet as Madame thinks it's too long so wants the hem taken up.....not until she visits again!

Oh and this I made for myself but I don't like know when you have an image in your mind!

It's Jersey again, using the same pattern as the Tartan dress of daughters.  It feels lovely and soft.
But the fabric is so frustrating...I had to re-sew one side seam three times and now I've given up!!!  It'll end up looking like a tube!!! 
I think where i went wrong was in the cutting stage...I think the grain is out on the front skirt...oh well live and learn....cut each section out time!

This is my lovely Bernina.  I bought it as seen here, no table.  I bought it to free hand embroider with...a job it does perfectly without moving tension discs or anything!
But as there's no table my work flops over, the hoop goes off at an angle...I definately need a flat surface around the sewing arm.
First stop Bernina my poor girl is too old for them to stock.  Try really expensive or buy another machine with the table...RIGHT (!) am on The Sewing Forum for ideas...after following all the leads from my sewing pals (SO helpful!) I was still table-less.

"You teach Resistant Materials...can't you make your own?" Thanks good friend...why had'nt I thought of this (truth be known I know these things are laden with possible problems, mostly to do with my skills!!)
Ok 1st step measure

Then make a card template, test this!
Then mark out and cut Acrylic....then do the tedious filing smooth the cut edges.
Oh boy do I sympathise with my pupils!!
So after what seemed like an eternity it was time to drill...four corners and supports inbetween.
The legs are bolts with chair feet on the end!  The picture does'nt show that the table edge is further after the first testing I realised that I need another support in the front.
I will take it back into work for the last drill hole...and go buy a pack of 6 bolts (anybody need five bolts!) and another pack of rubber feet.
I am pleased with it, it will be useful and practical but it so lacks finesse.  I wish I worked in a really posh school that has all the lastest machinery!!

Oh well it will be in time for the free hand embroidery on my crazy patchwork fabric. 
The piece I'm planning on is 31cm wide by 120cm long, this is the width of the muslim fabric.
I'm going for the green colour theme.  I started with tafeta as the base shape with various print cottons surrounding.
Oh that's a better photo! 
My texture is coming along nice too!
The yellow solid cotton reflects the tones in the lace and the green upholsery fabric.

Press Press Press...right I'm off now to sew on some more onto to my crazy patchwork fabric!

I hope I've furthered your interest in THE FIBRE WORLD!! 
I will get back soon for the latest installment of the crazy patchwork life.
Please don't forget to say hello when you stop by.