Friday, 15 May 2009

My NEW Fabric's!

Hey and Hi!
I'm so excited today...why....because the fabric I ordered back in February has arrived!! Yeah!!!
And I have been creating some more fabric myself!!
And I successfully sewn buttonholes onto my work blouse!!

The Japanese Designer fabric's I had ordered are as lovely as I'd remembered! You know what I mean you build it up in your mind then when it happens it's never as good. Well this time it's better!!

This first one is called echino by etsuko furuya

This fabric is beautiful!
What a wonderful print of zebras, fawns and trees! So distinctive!
It's look favours the Linen side, so you are getting the crisp summery appearance.
However, you get the soft feel to the skin and the easy iron qualities of the cotton content!

I've got a Shift dress in mind for summer for myself!!! And I think longer length skirts, casual summer trousers and bags will look perfect in this gorgeous fabric!

And this fabric is beautiful too!
This one is by KOKKA and is called Trefle.
What a fabulous print of trees and flowers on a purple stripe background! Really unique!
This striking fabric has a soft feel to the skin and the easy iron qualities of the cotton content!
Suggested projects by Darling Daughter: Shift dresses, blouses, tops.

I have been hard at work too, well at least on the latest batch of textile art fabric (now that's got to be a good marketing buz word!!).

I call it The Croation Sea!
It has organza, blue furnishing fabric, blue metalic mesh with gold patterns, black withblue wool suitingand blue/green lining stripes.
Here's a close up of part of the fabric. You can just see the mesh and the free hand embroidery in metalic blue/green.

I'm thinking of making a Clutch bag with a small coin purse....then a friend called Nina suggested I make a picture with some of know I might!!

And finally my Work blouse...well I have finished it...nearly! I wore it for work and in practice I think it needs another button further up from the last one at the boobs! Everytime I bent over I felt as if people were looking down!! I know funny, but thankfully for me and et al, I wear a vest!
So why arn't there any photo's well that's because it had an arguement with a tomatoe!!
I have a long drive to and from work at the moment, at least half an hour to three quarters....rush hour...pooh!
So I get board....and thirsty...and I remember the un-eaten tomtatoe I had brought to eat at lunch and did'nt get a chance...
I bit into it without thinking of the burst effect!
I thought I'd gotten away with it...NOOO...tomatoe seeds splattered down the front of the blouse!!
In to soak with it and a wash...I'll post photo's when it's dry and buttonholed complete!
And that is all for now except to say if you like the Japanese fabrics go to my online shop and you can buy some. Fibre Dreams.
See you all soon and I know you will learn from my mistakes....tomatoes and thirst in a car do not mix!!


Linden said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who just gets totally excited when things I've ordered arrive!

And that Croatian Sea fabric is really beautiful, I can definitely see it as a gorgeous little clutch bag.

Dawn said...

I LOVE when the postman arrives, invariably I forget what I ordered so it is a case of ooooh and ahhhh as I pick my way through my packages lol. The fabric you bought is gorgeous and I can't wait to see you work blouse - I LOVE tomatoes so to imagine one sitting there waiting to be eaten would be torture for me and like you I would have bit into it - and I ALWAYS get those pesky seeds everywhere but the taste is soooooooooooo worth it

Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog I so appreciate it THANK YOU SO MUCH XXXXX