Wednesday, 25 March 2009

TSF mother's day challenge.......I won!!!!!

How are you!!

Well I won the Sewing Forum challenge with my clutch bag!
I couldn't believe it...I tell you I have never won a single thing...barring ten pound....I have never gotten an excellent on anything or manage an `A' score!
Ha ha ha I am ssooo pleased!! And with the other talented fabric lovers beautiful and brilliant offerings I don't know how I did!

Technology let down
I am really frustrated with my computer (grrrr). The new computer monitor blacks out within minutes of turning sorry no photo's of makes this time as I'm on my old laptop....xp and really snaily slow!

And finally!!!!
I'm back at work and getting dusty! I teach children how to make things (yes I know a mixed blessing job!) Actually I am enjoying it! Working from home can be a little isolating and lonely! So now my week days are filled with noisy and fast working little people (and not so little 6ft- ers!!)
So for now see ya

P.S please feel free to comment

P.P.S join in if you too don't manage to win things as I can sympathise and tell you there is hope!!!!


Linden said...

Congratulations on winning, that must be such a lovely feeling! I think your work is beautiful, so I'm sure it was a very well deserved win, too.

Hope your computer is better soon - I know I for one absolutely hate it when mine goes down!!

Jacqui at Fibre Dreams said...

I'm back...i'm a matter of fact i'm back!!!!!!