Sunday, 24 October 2010

Edie's Quilt from Patchwork & Quilting Mag 03/10 Issue

I have been closeting this beautiful quilt design for you can tell by the title it was in the March issue.

And that was months before I knew my sister managed to get pregnant!  She's been trying for a couple of years now so the news is absolutely wonderful...a miracle!

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DONOT BUY OR MAKE ANYTHING BABY RELATED....I didn't realise how superstious she was...she the level headed one out of the two of us!

Anyway she is now safer and nearer the edge of the woods!!!
1 month to go and I've been allowed to make a quilt....(NO CLOTHES YET!)

Arn't these fabrics gorgeous....various pink patterns on brushed cotton soft!
Oh yes she's a girl!
 I bought them from Creative Quilting when I went shopping at the NEC (oops and some gorgeous embroidery threads!)

Here's their web address

I bought two Jelly rolls (is that what theyr'e called?!).  10 strips x (why o why can i never find a tape measure when i need one)...DUH...cutting board Jacqui!!
10 strips which are 2 1/2in wide x 43in long.

So I'm just starting...I'm going to make 1 block up first to see how much actual fabric they take and to see if I need to order more....see I am still a quilt novice!
I need to remember to be accurate.  Easier said than done!

Off I go....

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