Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fibre Dreams has moved to Ebay!


A lot has happened since i last wrote.....
I have a new full time teaching I havent been able to put in the time promoting Fibre Dreams web site so I closed it down.

No don't get me wrong I am up for this new teaching job, I feel as if I got my teaching mojo back there (well half the time!) and I want to keep merchandising crafts stuff too.  Plus i want to learn and get better at the Fibre things I do.
Funny though the Ebay shop Miss Dee's Fibre Dreams was selling more anyway so I decided to focus my efforts on that. 
So a good decision all round!

And hey hoo some fab news too I sold some of the fabric that I hand dyed...this one below with the 12 colourwheel colours.

And the feedback was brill when she recieved them (it's such a buzz when someone else likes your made stuff hey?)

Yep you guessed it, it spurred me on to put up some more of my Hand Dyed fabric.
What do you think?

This is how they are packaged with a ribbon and a bow with my Fibre Dreams tag on!

You can find them here,  this links you to the 3 colours one of orange, purple and green!

I've started another Quilt University course this time on MACHINE EMBELLISHED SURFACE
I really want to get to the bottem of the Free Motion sewing's something I've always wanted to master but wasnt sure of the tricks to perfection!

The picture below shows my Trees Overlay for a Fabric Adventure Story book. 
This page is called the Forest Dell. 
The wooden Throne will house a Gem stone to collect.....AND YES THIS IS MY OWN STORY AND SUBJECT TO COPYRITE!

The weird swirly swirls is the cameras fault(!) 
The leaves and trees have organza backing with fabric snippets then free motion to clarify the outlines and details. 
All made possible with water soluable stabilizer (yes you can find some in by ebay shop at competitive prices!).
I am happy with the trunks of the trees but the leaves look clumpy to me so I will have another go.

I have had this story designed for so long, in my design book I have some school stuff written in there from 1996! 
At that time I used to do a lot of hand embroidery and I had made some decisions using those techniques.....then just put the book away without doing anything. 
The pages are perfect for embellishing on this QU course!

But that won't be until after I've completed the single leaf and moss exerises. 
Pictures to come for those!

I keep telling myself GET ON WITH YOUR SCHOOL PAPERWORK!  I wasted at least 3hrs today feeling guilty about it instead of just getting on!!

So as always please say hello if you drop by....

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