Saturday, 29 May 2010


LESSON 4......Right roll your sleeves up and concentrate!

Here’s a photo of my attempts at the Colour wheel Spectrum. I’m afraid there wasn’t time to take photos!

I was with the mad ones on the course and had to have a go dyeing them all in the one go!!

It was a bit of a sweat on.

It was so intense setting out 12 jugs.

Keeping to the right measurements for the 12 separate dye colours, particularly at adding the Salt & Soda stage

But fab fun.

My last purple looks like a reddy brown? But I see that in the student Gallery at the Quilt University a couple of peoples fabric were the same maybe not wrong!

The true yellow, red and blue are not as noticeably mottled and when I commentated on the Discussion board the tutor asked how many times had I squeezed and flipped the fabric!

So, I will remember next time to not squeeze twice and flip twice. (oo must ensure I make a note of squeeze and flip times for my folder). 
And they sat like flowers on a very warm window sill.


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