Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Two days two go for my fabric dyeing course...I can't recall the Dyeing jokes I've had thrown at me at work!!!
They just don't understand me!  (you would think I had teenage problems!)

I have just washed my 6mtr of unbleached 100% Cotton...drying over the banister, off the landing!
I acquried a plastic covering today of the houskeeper at my school...thank you!
I have two more days to get the plastic containers together!
My box of Dyes are sitting there like a Christmas chemistry set....antisipation!

I will be recording and photoing for future references!  I'm going to buy a special ring binder too!!
So tune in, save the posts, post your comments and questions, if you fancy learning Basic Dyeing too!

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Heart & Sew said...

good luck on the dyeing course..... it'll be great fun, don't forget to show us your results. Great blog too. x