Wednesday, 31 December 2008

SEW Hip dress!

Hi all!
This is the Hip sew dress....For a city, Liverpool does'nt offer much choice for impluse fabric passions!!

Don't get me wrong, I loved the pattern of the fabric, but the quality is not so cool! I had to fix stretchy interfacing onto all of the pieces. You guessed it I was not smiling.
I could'nt get hold of wool blend Tartan...That day ...Know what I mean!

(Sorry about the mess! I'm about to get ready to celebrate New Year! YES it does take me that long to get ready!!!!!)

However, the dress was quickly that's the type of make I like!!

With the interfacing on them there is not as much length in the bias pieces.

A ha a use for my Pilson (Chez) buttons!

And no your bum does'nt look fat in the dress! Looks weird by this photo tho'!!!?

That's all for now....time for face pack and wine!


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